Monday, June 17, 2024

Social Media is CRAP!

For a while now I've been promoting my show online. I really enjoy working on my online tv show. Then something happened that knocked me off my horse, so to speak. So I've been working to get back on and work on my hosted movies.

Just in the last couple of months something been going on. Social Media went into a DOWN-LOW. Now I have used this title before DOWN-LOW. Like all communication slows to almost a halt.

First I have the attention of the online communities, then ZIP. As dedicated HORROR FANS are ,what ever it is, can not be REALLY bad they all fall off their horses as well.

I'm focusiing on, saying to myself, my show is not SOCIAL MEDIA it's a project. To get my head back in the game to entertain my fans and viewers. I am not happy with social media. To me, as of now, it's a marketing tool. Online communities are responding like bad relationships. People don't reach out as much as I thought they might. And this is in years not in the recent year. But  that too as well.

So my show is my baby, it comes first, I love my horror fam. But they aren't as enthusiastic as of late.
I feel really sorry I can't reach out to them as I wish to.

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