Sunday, May 24, 2020

Fright Night 2 - Trailer (My SHORT Review)

I saw this movie ON-DEMAND, and what I can see is a remake of the 2 original movies into one story. Now what REALLY SUCKS, is the rewrite of the original in to a sequel. as if the writers are trying to do, is merge the storylines. NAH NAH and I say NOOOOOOOOOOO!
There was a remake, it was ok. But what is happening here is Jerry is now a woman, not a man, more like the Sister from the original sequel is now the main symbol of the character. Stop making sequels as remakes. Like now this is the thing. Raimi did it with EVIL DEAD because he couldn't get the rights to his original movie. Thus EVIL DEAD 2 : DEAD BY DAWN. This movie, if you can call it, is rehashing original characters in a total rewrite scenario. I don't even give it a 1 SKULL, it gets none. And the ending, don't get me started. Yes Charlie becomes a Vampire like in the original sequel. But not for the same reason in this piece of crap.

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