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Sunday, February 16, 2020

My real issue with facebook NEWS FEED ...

I've been noticing the trend in the news feed at facebook.
MEME, GIF and MISERY CORD posts are like a plague.
Well check out the MEME I posted at facebook, seen above.
The original major CORE cause of the major issues at fb.
I mean DEPRESSION is a normal status at fb.
I have been noticing Celebrities from my fave genre (Horror)
have left fb to make total use of their other accounts at twitter & Instagram,
NO DUH! And you wonder why they left fb. 
I'm remaining, for the time being at fb, because I have fans there.
But as far as friends, they just go with the flow and appear
to not care. OH WELL! The Community is no better than MYSPACE, 
I left there thinking fb would be better... Boy was I wrong.

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