Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Crying RIVERS of Blood 'Must Read' ...

I'm literally ALMOST fed up with facebook. Devotion doesn't even cover
the lack of attention I find on there. I meet all sorts of Horror Fans on twitter
then I find on facebook. I feel I can't directly connect with my facebook
friends. I have a show page @, and I
have invited 100's upon 100's of invites only 632 since last year. I'm like I NEED TO
BREAK FREE before I DIE of depression. Seriously they respond more to my
INSTAGRAM account @ which I am dearly grateful
for them for visiting and liking my pics. Facebook is like a DEAD ZONE.
All male friends want to do is mingle with me. I DON'T WANT TO DATE YOU.
I prefer woman over men, and men as friends. JEEZ.
So I will be on facebook way less and only by phone, if need be, and not by way
of computer. It's a DRAMA PIT. I need OUT honestly.

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