Sunday, June 18, 2017

Feeling thankful and hopeful (Confession of a Lonely Soul - who found light)

Since the year 1975 to 2014 I have grown and went threw alot. Had Dreams and Nightmares, products of my own reality. I have over-come alot to get where I am today. I see a truth, that was their in-front of my face for a very long time, my best friend I didn't treat so kindly and miss her dearly. Plenty of my past I have put on the shelf like old books, already read and put away. I'm a new person, with a new purpose. Things I've shared with you all. And happy you are all in my life now. I wouldn't of gotten here with-out you all. I'm not selfish, but had wounds in me that have healed. Wasn't easy. I can be honest on all points. I'm a old-soul, being honest, that has left so many behind it was over-whelming. I know now, I can take a step forward leaving those closed books behind me and move forward a new. Whether what I say can be taken as truth, I had someone in my life before another. My best friend I'm sorry I didn't take you first in consideration. I miss you so much. Thank you for being here now still as my friend.